Hi All !

Just like with most of the post I have created YOU MUST be in possession of the specific video series for the provided diagrams so you can follow the teaching instructor on your screen and learn about various technologies !

Once you’ve got it and you’re fascinated with CISCO Networking like I have been since I begun my IT career , then all my post and all provided diagrams will save your time and make your life enormously easier  !

This post is dedicated to the CCNP INE track video series and if you feel like you need more then this then go to the CCIE – GNS3 tab in the main header and click on Redistribution EXAMPLE 1 or EXAMPLE 2 where you will be able to really test your redistribution knowledge !

The redistribution topology in this INE CCNP series is presented to us like this



As you can see the connection between R1 and R3 does not exist in the bottom diagram so simply shut down these interfaces as you go through the series and reach this section

GNS3 mirror of above topologies looks like this


Not very complicated is it ?! 🙂

GNS3 NET FILE : net_file

INITIAL CONFIGS : initial_configs

Build your network , copy and paste provided configs which contains exact same IP Addresses , connectivity and basic config and start labbing !

Enjoy !