This has got nothing to do with Cisco for a change …

Hi All,

This time I’ve decided to create a post that has got nothing to do with Cisco or IT in general. The reason for this post is because simply if you have a spare time beyond your Cisco studies (I know it’s difficult) I want to encourage you guys/girls  to become active sportsman in any discipline you feel you’d be good at.

I started jogging about 3.5 years ago in between studies and work and set myself a goal to become fit and while I was on it also give up one of the worst addictions I have ever had , cigarettes!! Funny-No-Smoking-Sign-S-9524

I remember back then after I run for about 0.5 a mile I literally had to stop and I felt like my lungs were about to explode , this was horrible and the funniest thing about it is that I knew it was the cigarettes , don’t ask me how , it simply felt like it and I just knew 🙂

In the beginning it was extremely hard to motivate yourself to go out for a jog after work 3-4 times a week but just like with Cisco Networking , playing and giving guitar lessons , learning second language (English in my case) I knew I could do this !

I’ve mentioned teaching guitar , learning another language and Cisco CCIE which I will be taking next month in Belgium, and running , I know sit and look back and think to myself “Man this was worth every penny !!”

The feeling that you get from your accomplishments is the feeling of total confidence that you can make this life  the way you envision it ! It simply feels great !

I don’t even know how I find time for all this madness going on in my life but somehow I manage to manage it pretty well.

The main point for this post is that this coming Sunday 28th July 2013 myself , my Company’s CEO and two other colleagues from Block will be taking part in the London Olympic distance Triathlon (1.5k swim / 40k bike / 10k run). My Triathlon number is 8720 as shown below


and this is the event map


One thing I need to mention is that I am not a motivational speaker and never thought of becoming one , I simply love to live my life to the fullest and when you have all those positive things and people around you , there’s no words that can be used to describe how it feels , I highly recommend it !

On a side note to some people it will mean nothing but to me it was really a big thing , the fact that Scott Morris (the Cisco one 🙂 IPExpert instructor etc …) has accepted my linkedin invitation and added me to his circles !

After passing my first CCIE R&S my next long term goal is with any doubt another CCIE , most likely Data Centre also one last thing , if you’re looking for a networking position in the UK or Germany PLEASE contact George Barnes because this guy will help you , mark my words !!

Hope to see some of you this Sunday in London  ! ….. and this is how it looked like …

blog_triathlon       blog_triathlon1

blog_triathlon2                                    blog_triathlon4blog_triathlon3

Believe me I was in pain during and after but in the end I did it , (1.5k swim / 40k bike / 10k run) accomplished in 2hrs 59 mins 13secs !


All the best!