CCIE Advanced Workbook – Can now be purchased and SAMPLE downloaded from

This lab has been created entirely using GNS3. It contains the initial configurations and GNS3 netfiles in order to setup it up  quickly and easily.
At present current version of GNS3 does not support switching, however the imminent release will.

The majority of the lab is focused on the following CCIEv5 technologies

workbook printscreen

Layer 2
Layer 3
IP Multicast
Advanced Services
System Management
Infrastructure Security


This workbook has been designed to challenge you.

The Lab topology is a complex network . The aim here is not to remove any of the existing configuration, but rather add and amend to it where necessary so that everything is integrated, just as a network in the real world would be.

So – do you know your technologies as well as what you thought? Everything and even more that you need for your Lab preparation is contained within the 700+ pages!  Hyperlinks between all of the questions and solutions for easy navigation,  links to command references, tables and many more.

The workbook price is £59.99

You can get in touch with us on facebook or via our new TS-data Network Consultancy website where you can also download SAMPLE of the workbook

We hope that your CCIE Lab preparation will end here !


Good Luck !

ccie4all/ts-data support team