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This post is for all of you out there preparing for CCNP TSHOOT exam which I must say is not easy to pass  so unless you have been paying attention , reading and labbing like crazy for some time you will most likely fail your first or even second attempt.

If you however manage to pass this one and resolve all tickets then wait no more , log on to your Pearson Vue account and book your CCNP Tshoot exam !

Cisco does provide a test TSHOOT simulation lab for us which can be accessed via this URL

These are two screenshot from the test TSHOOT lab :



I would highly recommend looking into this before booking your exam because you really have to know and understand a lot and you have to be fast. Below topology is what I’ve created in GNS3 and believe it or not if you manage to pass all provided tickets like I said before then you are most definitely ready for the real one !


Every device you see in this set up is Cisco c3700 series router running c3745-adventerprisek9-mz.124-12.bin IOS image and all I did was that I simply changed  “the symbol” in GNS3 (you can do it by right clicking on a device once it’s on screen) so basically the idea is that you do not have to have real servers , laptops etc … but if you do you can actually build something like this , have those running as your VMs or real devices for that matter and have even more fun  🙂


However let’s concentrate on the first set up and just like with other posts , firstly please go ahead and use this GNS3 net file tshoot_net to build it then copy and paste all below configs into every device

Tshoot Configs : configs_tshoot

Above configs are broken with missing parts etc … this also includes the frame switch ! basically any of these device can have something misconfigured what needs fixing !

1 – R1 and R2 are not able to ping each other
2 – Restore management access via telnet between R1 and R2
3 – Restore OSPF adjacencies between R3 and R4
4 – The problem state that DSW1 and DSW2 are configured as HSRP routes and DSW1 should be active router but instead, currently DSW2 is active.
5 – Resolve the issues preventing management of R3 via HTTPS. Access credentials should be cisco/cisco and should be stored locally in R3
6 – The problem state that R4 and DSW1 can’t ping to R2’s loopback IPV6 address (FEC0::2:2) or (Serial1/0.12’s 2026::12:2).
7 – Client 1 is not receiving an IP address from DHCP server (R4)
8 – Client 1 can not reach R1 S0/0.12 interface
9 – Client 2 is not able to reach Web_Server at
10 – DSW2 is not able to NTP authenticate against DSW1 who is NTP master

Please note that to fix some of the issues will require a very good knowledge and understanding certain technologies also in order to get something to work in some of these tickets the fault is located in a few different places where you will need to apply , change or remove the script so let’s say if there is an issue with OSPF adjacencies between two routers and you’ve noticed that the OSPF network does not match under the interface , it does not mean that when you correct it then the adjacencies will be established , you might need to look deeper !

I will add more tickets very soon !

Enjoy !


About ccie4all
Hello, and welcome to the first post of my CCIE blog This blog has got one simple goal and that is to improve our skills in Cisco Networking field so we can become best engineers on a job market. Wordpress Blog information about the changes made to Gns3 BGP , MPLS and R&S CCIE labs. In order to access and download all provided materials and receive important updates from Gns3 BGP , MPLS and R&S CCIE labs under GNS3 tab in the main header please go ahead and subscribe to ! All other posts have not been affected and can be accessed at any given time. Enjoy ! Tom

20 Responses to CCNP TSHOOT

  1. raipraveen83 says:


    Man your gr8 work going just awesome we are learning a lot from you.and i would say pls keep it flowing like this may i be ur gtalk friend to talk you if i get stuck in study

    • ccie4all says:

      Hello Raipraveen83!

      It is a great feeling knowing that I’m able to help some of you guys out there !

      Please by all means go ahead and shout if you have any questions !


  2. raipraveen83 says:

    silly question but would u guide me how could i build basic web server for labbing cisco i have vm with windows server but i could get how i build web server as for web server we need html pages and all pls if u built any web server for labbing kindly share or if possible lets have one online session for it….

    hope you don’t mind and help me to learn technology

  3. Paul says:

    Tom !!!

    Thanks a million 🙂

  4. mohannitinnitin says:

    Thanks Tom……you are great man …..currently working on the lab

  5. mohannitinnitin says:

    Hey Tom, i have completed the lap, it was fun specifically dhcp issue
    Please let me know if you have any other labs i can use or practice ….anything eigrp ospf etc…

    i must thanks you it was very much related the tshoot exam i have understood the tshoot topology much better now.

    Nitin Mohan

  6. mohannitin says:

    Hey Tom,
    I have completed my Tshoot exam secured 835 . I am now CCNP.
    thanks to your topology in gns 3, will follow your blog further.
    Please let me know how can i study Qos , it would be great if you can share some of your notes on Qos and MPLS.

    Nitin Mohan

    • ccie4all says:

      That’s great news Mohannitin!
      Guess now you’re on the way to reach CCIE status ! After my very recent CCIE v4 Lab experience I’ll just say this , expect the unexpected. pretty intense stuff !

      If you have not got real routers then the best option is GNS3 as it will allow you to do not only MQC QOS but also legacy stuff like rate limiting , custom queuing , priority queuing , traffic shaping etc ….
      Of course this can all be done using MQC approach however in order to become a CCIE you need to know every possible method in case you’re asked to do it and I have run into various simulations which do not support legacy QOS and only support MQC method.

      The issue arises when you want to study Layer2 QOS which can only be accomplished on a real kit so I would highly suggest to purchase 2x 3550 and 2x 3560 from ebay or have a word with your manager if you could borrow a few switches home if possible as Layer2 is all done is ASIC and not software so you’ve got to have a real kit to master this topic if you’re thinking of CCIE number.

      Currently I am preparing myself for the 2nd LAB attempt and if I only find spare time I will definitely post some QOS and MPLS stuff!

      Best of luck and stay in touch !

  7. Alastair says:

    Great lab! May thanks for your efforts.

  8. max says:

    here’s my solution:

    Cheers and thanks!

  9. Denis says:

    This is LAB CCIE TShoot???

  10. Denis says:

    Ticket is non CCNP this is CCIE???

  11. Banker says:

    the download is a word doc any workaround to get it in .net

  12. semaja2 says:

    Hi, thanks for the useful lab, do you have the answers anywhere to make sure we are getting the correct answers?

  13. Phil says:

    This is really helpful.. I have already finished my ccnp switch and route.. Tshoot is the final step.. I will try to solve tickets mentioned!

    Thank you!

  14. Lovkesh Wadhwa says:

    could you please post the answers to the above mentioned tickets so that I could be sure that what I am thinking is up to the mark

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