Hello All !

As mentioned in other posts following is the CCNP INE BGP diagram and GNS3 set up that you will need in order to go through this video course series.

Just like with most of my posts you must be in possession of the specific course (in this case it is  (CCNP INE) to be able to lab it up.  Every network diagram I have posted over the last 12 months I have been using myself to master all the technologies that are required to achieve CCIE status.

This is how the BGP section is presented to us in the series :


This is what you need to build in you GNS3 (you can always use the CCIE R&S LAB TOPOLOGY set up that you can find under CCIE-GNS3 tab in the main header)

UntitledBuild it based on this net file : net_file

Copy and paste these initial configs into each device : initial_configs  (ip addresses and interfaces are exactly the same as you will find in the series)

Start the series and have some good time !

Enjoy !