Understanding Redistribution – INE

Understanding Redistribution - INEHi All,

This link http://blog.ine.com/2008/02/09/understanding-redistribution-part-i/ will take you to the INE website post made by 4x CCIE Petr Labukhov who has created one of the best redistribution practise labs I have played with in the last year !


This lab will most definitely teach you and make you aware of all unexpected routing issues that can happen during redistribution between various protocols and without any doubt it will prepare for the R&S lab exam and real world scenarios.

I have created a GNS3 mirror of it and included all basic configs so feel free to download and lab it up !

Configs : Understanding Redistribution – INE

GNS3 net file : Understanding Redistribution – INE_GN3

Enjoy !


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