CISCO IOS Firewalls – CCIE R&S Security section

Hi All!

I’ve decided to create another post this weekend.

As for this topology I was not entirely sure whether I should create this post or not because everything in regards to CCIE R&S can be accomplished using the topology  from HERE however as soon as I started going through this lab I realised that it is one of the best I have come across that IPExpert provides and because Scott Morris (5x CCIE) has had his hand in creating it I assumed that some of these questions we might get at the CCIE R&S exam so I thought I’d share it with you.

This lab comes from the IPExpert Volume 1 Workbook and it is numbered LAB34 also in comparison to other IPexpert labs this one has got a completely different network layout so if you’re in possession of IPExpert CCIE workbooks you should recognise this topology :


This is what you need to build in GNS3 to match it using this file : LAB_34_IPEXPERT_NETFILE


and these are initial configs for all devices to start this lab : LAB_34_INITIAL_CONFIGS

These are all 3745 series routers and I simply changed the symbol on some of them !

According to IPExpert it should take around 10 Hours to finish this lab and looking at the topics in it I must agree with them unless of course you know all of these technologies perfectly then simply move to something else.


The point is I do highly recommend this one if you want to be fully prepared for your lab and real life networking hassles.

Enjoy !