The CCIE Workbook

It is almost here! All you need is the new GNS with switching and your ready to go. You will have a pre built lab with all the necessary configuration files to get the lab up and running within a hour. Never build another topology again, this lab contains over 25 devices and once built is always there to go back to. There are over 10 pages for the table of contents alone.

TOC preivewWe have put a lot of thought about what we would want from a workbook. For example, not being able to quickly go from a question to a solution, I don’t want to scroll through hundreds of pages especially if I just want to ratify what I think turns out to be exactly what the question was looking for. We have linked all of our questions directly to the solutions so no more scrolling!Example IPv6 Topology

This shouldn’t been seen as only a workbook but a good CCIE reference tool, by adding things such as references to RFC’s for the most well knows protocols, as well as links to where you can get to grips with BGP regular expressions!

This workbook will test your expertise on all areas of routing and switching, for example, even though ISIS is not covered in the v5 lab (only the v5 written exam) it is covered in detail in this workbook. There are also over 20 different topologies, ranging from DMVPN all the way to complex v4 and v6 multicast.

example question

This is an example of one of the topologies, and the layout of the type of questions that are contained within this workbook. Remember this much anticipated CCIE workbook, encompasses both version 4 and version 5 topics – it has been designed to challenge you, everything is built from the ground up, we don’t implement feature and them remove it, we make sure that it works  and build upon it layer by layer.

 It is our hope that you get as much enjoyment out of this workbook as we did whilst creating it. It been a long time coming where you can find this level of technical content all in one resource!!! CCIE challenge accepted???

CCIEv5 Configuration & Troubleshooting Lab 1-4 Questions & Solutions Workbook

Main Topology- Linkedin

Since July this year myself and Sean Draper have been working on a CCIEv5 Routing and Switching Lab workbook and we finally managed to complete the project.

Over the past 12 years working closely on hundreds of Cisco networks across the UK I can not think of the amount of challenges, issues and requirements I have been confronted with and asked to provide technology solutions that provide business benefits across the entire network and allow businesses continue to function and grow.

This workbook except for real life challenges is also loosely based on the NEW CCIE version 5 R&S exam. There are two main purposes of this workbook, firstly it is to evaluate your technical ability to demonstrate if you are ready to take the CCIE R&S lab exam and secondly to give you a better understanding of what to expect when the exam date is getting closer.

This workbook is primarily aimed at CCIE Routing and Switching candidates, whether you have already passed your certification and want to brush up on your skills, or for those candidates who are in their preparations.

It is assumed that anyone using this workbook has a comprehensive understanding of all technologies from the CCIEv4 and v5 R&S blueprints.

The workbook contains over 40 network diagrams and if you need help setting up any of the labs using Cisco VIRL , Cisco IOU or even GNS3 then please go ahead and let me know.

I am convinced that this workbook will help you learn and study all aspects of CCIE Routing and Switching.

CCIEv5-Configuration & Troubleshooting Lab 1-4 – Questions & Solutions-v1-Release

CCIEv5-Configuration & Troubleshootng Labs – IOU & Initial Configs


Enjoy !