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Hello, and welcome to the first post of my CCIE blog

Main Topology- Linkedin My name is Tom Mark Giembicki living in London and working as a Cisco Network Consultant for one of the Cisco Gold Partners

In 2011 I decided to create this blog and wanted it to be different from any other networking blog I have come across over the years. In my opinion CCIE4ALL is unique because if you’re studying for CCNP/CCIE level exams I will provide you with a full blown GNS3 topologies which will work for you no matter what CCIE related technology you want to practise.

I am the author of the following Cisco training workbook material :

CCIEv5-Configuration & Troubleshooting Lab 1-4 – Questions & Solutions – DOWNLOAD WORKBOOK HERE

“CCIEv5 R&S Advanced Workbook”

“CCIE Routing and Switching v5.0 Advanced TSHOOT(build) Configuration and Troubleshooting Workbook LAB1”

happiness & freedom

I have been working exclusively in cisco networking field for almost 12 years now. This followed a 2 year first-line IT Helpdesk support, 3 year IT Desktop/Network Support during which I studied for the CCNA/CCNP certifications. I passed the CCNP exam in may 2010 and around Jan 2011 I decided to go for CCIE status. After over 12 years combined working as a Network Engineer for  previous organizations I secured a position of a Borderless Network Consultant at one of the Cisco Gold Partner in London and so far it has been the greatest and the most challenging networking role based on many crucial facts how the company operates its goals and objectives!

My main motives to reach CCIE status are personal. Although I did get a great deal of satisfaction after passing CCNA and CCNP I didn’t however feel like I was fully stretched during the learning track.

The CCIE represents the pinnacle of the industry I work in and something that I know will push me to the limits. The journey to the ultimate Cisco Certification is a long one, most candidates say they put in around 1000 hours on the command line and hours and hours of reading. This is not an exam you can pass by swatting up on a few practice questions. This is a real world exam testing your configuration and troubleshooting skills on Cisco hardware. Once you have completed it you will put yourself among an elite group of only about 30,000 engineers worldwide.

Photo supplied by Cisco Systems Inc. of a 7600...

Photo supplied by Cisco Systems Inc. of a 7600 Series Router. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When approaching the CCIE I decided that I would keep the lab and written exams quite separate, from previous experience of Cisco exams I believe the written exams do require knowledge from ‘real-life’ but it’s mainly about knowing the theory. The lab exam is all about turning the theory into practice and will involve a lot of hands-on study time. 

When I am not working on anything CISCO related I participate in London Marathons , Triathlons and Tough Mudder events !


43 Responses to About Me

  1. mooray says:

    Really cool blog especially GNS3 posts , please keep posting new topologies

  2. mercadam says:

    How can I subscribe?

  3. Rob Thompson says:

    I passed my lab over 10 years ago. Still going strong. Great to see you pushing yourself to get your number . Here is some inspiration . A friend of mine passed his lab at the grand old age of 53. He worked hard and he did it. I passed mine at 31. Keep at it. It has its rewards.

    • ccie4all says:

      Hi Rob !
      It is so amazing to hear something like this from someone with so much experience !!! This is without any doubt an incredibly long journey and yet so fascinating that it would be very inappropriate to stop and give up if I may say so !
      I’m 34 right now and just passed the written one so now it’s time face the monster !

      Thanks so much !

  4. Cesar Ugaz says:

    Great post Tom, I am really close to become CCNP and as you said i have been working 2 hours after work and also using most of my weekends to study, it seems that there is not shortcut to become successful, everything boils down to the amount of effort that you put into it. I am convinced that sooner than later i will be working in a Gold Parnert. Please do not stop posting, your block is an instant “Follow” for me. 😉

    • ccie4all says:

      Thanks so much Cesar! Great to hear that !
      This is without any doubt one very long journey but in the end it’ll all be worth it !
      Great field , great job security , great fun throughout the process … Cisco is fun !!
      I will definitely be keep posting new labs, scenarios and more so stay tuned !


    • Rick says:

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  5. micolop2002 says:

    hi tom g,
    a great job you are doing. i’m heading in for more practicals for my org, demands me working on labs extensively, i just joined your blog; can you help with basic but complex lab to start with my GNS3 as i head for my ccnp routing and switching.

    • ccie4all says:

      Hello Micolop2002 !

      That’s amazing ! Go for it all the way cause it’s definitely worth it ! 🙂

      I will keep on posting new CCNP/CCIE level labs and various R&S scenarios so stay tuned and please go ahead and ask any questions you like !


  6. travis k says:

    hi, where to find ccie security v4 lab topology for gns3 or any other….m going for lab in two months…please help..

    travis k

    • ccie4all says:

      Hello Travis !

      This URL http://www.ccbootcamp.com/download/!Security/ for some reason seems to be publicly available on the internet and this is the one I’ve used the most. I’m still preparing myself for R&S (July/August) this year and CCIE SEC is my next track


      • travis k says:

        @ TOM,
        hi thanks for the link..but that is for version 3.. there is 30% to 40% changes..from v3 to v4…
        anyway..thanks..waiting for ine to lauch their security v4..lol…and best of luck for your r&s..

        travis k

      • ccie4all says:

        Thanks so much Travis !

        Correct ! Whenever they release new ver they tend to add/remove/change topics around what makes a lot of sense cause that way we get all important updates.
        No problem at all ! INE would definitely also be my best choice !
        I basically use anything I can find on the internet that is worth purchasing also talk to the guys at work whenever I get stuck , best method I guess 🙂

        Good luck to you too chap and stay in touch so we can exchange ideas !


  7. Tomasz says:

    Hi there,

    Your site looks ok .
    Thanks .


  8. Muhammad Kashif Hussain says:

    Nice blog

  9. Albern says:

    Hi Tom,
    Is it only GNS3 you’re using for your practice lab?


    • ccie4all says:

      Hi Albern,

      For routing definietly yes and as for switching I own 4×3550 , 4×3560 and 2×3750. Basically some L2 features can be accomplished on GNS however for instance L2 QOS must be practised on real switches etc …


  10. yogesh k. pawar says:

    i m not getting follow option on my cellphn.hw to subscribe?

  11. yogesh pawar says:

    sir i m receiving this message after clicking on confirm menu button.wht to do plz suggest.?

    Your subscription could not be
    activated, it may have expired

    • ccie4all says:

      Hi Yogesh !

      This could have something to do with the WordPress server itself , let me look into this and get back to you as soon as possible !


  12. CCIE R&S v5 troubleshooting diagram
    ~30 routers & switches


  13. yahoo says:

    Thanks designed for sharing such a nice thinking, piece
    of writing is nice, thats why i have read it fully

  14. Ramesh Rao says:

    Well done folks…all your comments and commitments are inspiring to everyone.

  15. maxime says:

    Hi Tom,
    How are you ? I am preparing my CCIE written exam and i plan to pass it in september.
    Are you CCIE now ?
    Thanks so much.

  16. Wassim says:

    Are subscriptions still open?

  17. davidd1093 says:

    Excellent blog! Following you! 😀

  18. sai says:

    HI ,

    I cleared my CCIE Security written v4.0. I could not find any slots for lab ver 4. now i can go for CCIE security v 5 lab with my previous written exam. or i should give my written exam again for ver 5 ????

    Thank you,

  19. Ahmed says:

    please send me unlock password

  20. Sara says:

    Hi, my name is Sara I am a student of CCIE Security. First if all thanks for the sharing this post. It is amazing and full of information. Today I am here for share my experience of CCIE Security. Recently I passed my CCIE Security Lab after 2 times failed. I prepared my lab by INE and failed most of the topics are incorrect and hard to understand then I will try it again by myself. I’ve searched a lot of study material related to my lab exam but no vain. Then my teacher introduces me Lab4ccie.com and prefer me to try it again on behalf of him. I try I again and prepare my lab by Lab4ccie CCIE Security Lab Workbook. After the exam day I realize all the topics are easy to learn and to the point, there are no additional points added in the dumps. I’ve got 76% in my exam happy to pass the exam after 2 times failed. Visit Lab4ccie and get CCIE Security Lab Dumps and pass easily.


  21. junaid says:

    Excellent Blog
    Really helping material for CCIE
    One thing i want to know that is this workbook covers all topic of CCIE Labs?
    are the following different workbooks?

    “CCIEv5 R&S Advanced Workbook”
    “CCIE Routing and Switching v5.0 Advanced TSHOOT(build) Configuration and Troubleshooting Workbook LAB1”

  22. Subhan Miah says:

    Really good work
    However I was wondering do you do any network design stuff like ccda or ccdp ?


  23. Hello! Everyone,

    I am Rishab Gandhi, insanely great information for which I was searching a lot but i found this on yours’ website.
    Please keep on sharing the same. So, I will be recommending for the same.

  24. Addisu Bikila says:

    Hi Tom
    It’s a great motive for a person interested on Cisco carrier and am planning to take CCIE, so if I can get some up to date reading materials to begin with that would be more appreciated.

  25. Nice Article…plz keep sharing

  26. Neha says:

    Really very nice blog!

  27. antonio says:

    It would be great to have a highdefinition picture of the topology to be able to zoom into.

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