Tuning BGP Attributes

Do some of you recognize this picture ? …

ccnp_cbt_bgp_attributesCorrect ! This screenshot is from the CBT_NUGGETS CCNP series for BGP topics.
Down below you will find a GNS3 settings for it.

When it comes to creating GNS3 networks I must admit that I have never been a massive fan of making it look exactly the same as it looks for instance in any of the series, diagram on piece of paper that you’ve been given, some random network you have found on the internet or in the real world ! The reality is that in 99% of the cases you have all those switches , routers , patch panels , cables , trunks , vlans etc … in between that it’s just more fun and you’ll learn much more when you start experimenting with your GNS3 networks or any networks for that matter !

I personally always like to add few more devices in the mix , switches , routers and make it look a bit more “not complicated” but a bit more fancy.
This is the reason why for over 90% of my labs I am using the GNS3 CCIE R&S LAB set up I have created which you can find under CCIE-GNS3 tabs in the main header with what you will easily be able to produce and build almost any network diagram you can find on the internet or anywhere else.

The main point for the CCIE R&S LAB TOPOLOGY is so whenever you feel like you need to test something or do a full lab you don’t have to create it all the way from scratch and have hundreds of different lab files on your machine , that’s just confusing ! Instead you build only once the GNS3 CCIE R&S LAB TOPOLOGY and create any lab from it depending on what lab you want or need  to practise.

Nevertheless the reason I have decided to make an exact copy of this CBT CCNP BGP network is because in my opinion this relatively simple topology is one of the best ones to practise the BGP ATTRIBUTES , the topic we all know firstly is not so easy , secondly can be confusing and thirdly before becoming really comfortable with all the attributes you simply have to put some longs hours into it !


As you can see it looks exactly the same as original !

Of course if you love challenges like I do go ahead and create this CBT lab using previously mention CCIE GNS3 R&S TOPOLOGY , create more connection , add some more prefixes , use some vlans , add frame switch , create some sub-interfaces and make it all communicate !!

Trust me this is when it gets really amazing and most importantly it teaches you hundreds and hundreds of skills which you will be able to use in any CCIE lab exam and in real life !! 🙂

But for all of you who are not as confident yet and have just passed their CCNA exam please go ahead and

Build it based on this net file : bgp_ccnp
Copy and paste these extremely basic config : initial_configs
Start the CBT series , follow Jeremy and practise !

Enjoy !