Hello All!

In case you have not seen this INE series I highly recommend the purchase !

This is the best and most recent CCNP R&S track series you can find out there and once you’ve watched it and practised it then you simply can not fail the CCNP exam !

INE is one of the most successful CISCO teaching company on the planet that will provide you and help you to achieve your CCIE status. With instructors like Brian Dennis, Brian McGahan, Mark Snow and Petr Lapukhov you simply can not not understand and learn about all those technologies!

In my personal and others opinion I believe I am ready to face the CCIE R&S exam at this point in my life however havinfg spoken to my already CCIE colleagues at work I have decided to wait another few months to make sure I pass this exam on my first attempt !

This is my goal, my challenge and this is the direction I’m heading !

For the past 5 months I have been heavily involved in the Wireless side of networking and have already decided that once I’ve got my CCIE number I’m going deep into wireless !


This is how it is presented to us in the series



This is how it looks like in GNS3



GNS3 net file : CCNP_INE_NET

Initial Configs : initial_configs


Build you networks based on the provided net file , copy and paste provided initial configs and start watching and practising !

Enjoy !