Do you remember the time when you studied long hours to achieve your CCNA certification ? 🙂

To myself and some of you it was so long ago ! however I do have to say that when I first saw CBT Nuggets CCNA video series with Jeremy Cioara it was one of the most astonishing experiences for me !

To this day in my opinion Jeremy is in the first very top 10 CISCO instructor that can make you fall in love with Cisco and I know that some if not all of you would agree with me on this !

The network diagram in the ICND2 section of the course when we are about to build and configure full network looks like this :


Amazing stuff !! 🙂

Without getting to complicated because this is CCNA which suppose to be an entry level for all networkers out there , if you want to build it in GNS3 you could do something like this


or if you want to get fancy and often wonder what if ?? you could do something like this (this would be most definitely my approach)


The difference are these mysterious clouds which is one of the interesting things about GNS3 as it allows you to connect your topology to the real world !

Why on earth would we want to do it ?? well cause we can and it’s fun 🙂

Here’s the thing !

With the CLOUD you connect your topology to your real PC. You could even connect to virtual machines running on your computer inside VMware or Virtual PC.
Install Windows 98,XP,VISTA or whatever version you want and connect it to your CLOUD !

Full instruction how to do it you can find under GNS3

When you set up your CCNA network this way you will be able to do EXACT same stuff that Jeremy does on your screen for you which in all fairness is what you want if you’re really serious about networking !

This time I am not going to provide any initial/full/net file configs at all because this post is dedicated to all of those who have recently started getting involved with Cisco and in order to understand and become the best you need to figure out many things yourself ! 🙂

At work out of the many there is this one really passionate about Cisco and dedicated apprentice and Avee this one’s for you chap !


Enjoy !