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Personal statement….

Last year I was fortunate enough get involved with London JAM Recruitment agency where I met a guy named George Barnes. Well, George is like a train who never slows down or stops and crashes everything in its way! What I mean by that is that George will do anything to help you get your dream job, of course some might say that this is what they are supposed to do cause it’s in their best interest to help you find your ideal role, however t my opinion about JAM is way more different from an ordinary job agencies out there, I mean once these guys track you down and then contact you, they simply do not stop until you’re both satisfied and I mean really satisfied!CCIE_Logo_002

Of course I admit I was a bit sceptical when George first contacted me, thinking “ok there’s another recruit agency and another person I need to talk to about what position I’m searching for” but believe me this time the experience was different! You live – you learn and throughout your life you open many doors , some good and some bad but overall believe me it is always worth it ! Like they say , you have not tried – you have not lived ! and the best experience you get when you decide to get out of your comfort zone and start searching and exploring !

To cut long story short George helped me to secure a position with one of the Cisco Gold Partners in London , Block Solutions, where I work with the best engineers I have come across over the years and from the bottom of heart the best group of people I have worked with in a very long time and just recently having spoken to one of my already CCIE work colleagues Jo about me taking the first attempt, he once again told me “do not rush into your CCIE unless you feel absolutely ready, remember this is not about just passing another test exam!” and he’s right !image

Life is all about exploring and we all want to be happy and successful and whatever you choose to do with your life, I’ve always believed in two golden rules: Have fun. Make money. (Not necessarily in that order.) As long as you’re on track to accomplish both, then life is good. In this high-end technical arena you really need to enjoy whatever it is that you’re going to do. Otherwise simply it’ll be very hard to enjoy the secret of life, it’ll be much harder to motivate yourself towards achieving it. So ask yourself, where do you want to be next year? Or, what about in five years? What do you want to do?

I have been preparing for the CCIE Route/Switch track lab exam for 10 months now and the more I study the more I discover new ways on how to fix, configure some issue and therefore the more I realise that I am still not ready to face it, basically in my head I’ve got this vision/idea to pass this exam at the first attempt so I can start concentrating on another track being security or wireless.

They say that before taking the exam you can’t have a fear of failure. The pass rate of the CCIE lab on the first attempt is said to be less than 10 percent. On average, it takes people three to four attempts to pass the lab. So, even though the odds are against you passing it in one go, approach it with a positive mindset—think of each attempt as a practice run.

telephonePatience has never been one of my strongest qualities especially when I’m involved and doing something that fascinates me and despite the fact that in my mind I would love to go to the Cisco exam centre to take this exam, simply just to experience it, get all the vibes while I’m there, talk to other engineers , I do have to refrain myself from doing so, until I feel I’m ready for it and that will be around August/September of this year 2013!

The CCIE is not a simple thing to achieve ! Some say Cisco makes it harder year after year and it does make a lot of sense because of the growing number of technologies you have to learn about. The program has grown significantly over the years, but many things are still the same.

Wanting to be a CCIE requires ambition and determination to endure a long and arduous trek across difficult technical terrain and a key point is that it requires that you have no social life during your studies and I mean literally!

When you really think of it you will realise that network engineers are the men and women who keep the world-wide-web working. No matter whether it is a webpage, phone communications, or postings, network engineers are responsible for keeping the info moving. They work with all the components belonging to the net together with the computer software that manages the whole thing.happiness & freedom

CCIE can take many months of study, besides Cisco recommends that an individual have worked in networking field for at few years before even thinking of attempting the lab exam. The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Certification is oftentimes described as the PhD of network engineering. There is a qualification which is harder to get in comparison to the CCIE, the brand new Cisco Network Architect Certification, however it’s so completely new that I believe that so far only two guys on the planet has acquired it.

Final conclusion, just like some if not all of you, ,y goal is to obtain my CCIE number and become the part of this group of only about 35,000 engineers worldwide , understand every single technology they can throw at you out there because this is what makes you a real CCIE.

Thank you!

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4 Responses to CCIE PhD of network engineering

  1. Cesar Ugaz says:

    Great post!, thanks for sharing…

  2. Good stuff buddy..It is not an easy journey at all..I hope to look for you when i land in UK next year too. 🙂

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