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Below is one of the best CCIE TSHOOT preparation lab.  I have decided to post one of the topologies for LAB-1  Micronics uses in their workbooks. When you purchase their workbooks you will get 10 different labs and in each lab you will get 15 TSHOOT questions.

For obvious reasons I can not post any of the questions however I do highly recommend these workbooks as they will most definitely boost your confidence and prepare you for the R&S lab exam.

As you can see these 3 topologies are for the same lab and if you want to build it in GNS3 see down below




GNS3 NET FILE : it is based on the CCIE_GNS3_TOPOLOGY which I posted few long months ago that looks like this

CCIE_GNS3_LABAnother perfect example how you can have just one GNS3 network set up on your PC that does it all for you. If you purchase  Micronics workbooks you will easily be able to create any of their labs using above GNS3 network. If you want to know how to build it please go to my other post where you will be able to find all required information.

INITIAL not full and broken CONFIGS so you can tshoot : R1t  R2t  R3t  R4t  R5t  R6t  SW1t  SW2t  SW3t  SW4t  BB1t  BB2t  BB3t     I was not going to post Frame Switch configuration cause in my opinion it is fun to set it up from scratch but in the end I decided otherwise , well to tell the truth I “broke it” a little so on top of 15 Tshoot questions you will find in these workbooks you will also need to fix Frame Switch in order to obtain reachability , there you go : framet

…. from there all you have to do is copy and paste and start troubleshooting …

Sample questions from the workbooks :

Ticket 6
The BGP routes from BB3 are not see on the OSPF network. Fix the problem

Ticket 9
R6 can not send traffic to, which is joined by R2. Configure R1 to fix the problem.

Ticket 12
SW4’s default route is pointing to an HSRP address of Make sure it has reachability to all networks via R2

and so on ….

As I mentioned before this is just one out of ten labs you will find in Micronics CCIE Tshoot workbooks and once again I highly recommend the purchase.


Enjoy !