CCIEv5 Configuration Lab

Hi All,

Not sure how many of you have already taken the CCIEv5 R&S Lab exam ? have recently released a new workbook based on the TSHOOT section of the new Lab exam. Each workbook written by TS-Data is massively unique , fresh and entirely different from what is available on the market these days , meaning that the way they are presented will bring you as close as possible to how the real CCIEV5 Lab exam looks like.

There is a new workbook coming out some time at the end of August 2014 (or sooner) depending on TS publishing team which will cover the configuration section of the “NEW” CCIEV5 Lab.

In the real CCIE v5 Lab exam you will be challenged with 20-25 routers under your administrative control , 7-10 switches and around 10 ISP routers which will be all  preconfigured for you and you wont be able to access any of them.

With the new workbook coming out you will get to configure it all and most definitely BGP , MPLS and DMVPN will be our main focus area.



Below screenshot reveals a small section of the new CCIEv5 Configuration Lab

cciev5 config