CCIEv5 Configuration Lab

Hi All,

Not sure how many of you have already taken the CCIEv5 R&S Lab exam ? have recently released a new workbook based on the TSHOOT section of the new Lab exam. Each workbook written by TS-Data is massively unique , fresh and entirely different from what is available on the market these days , meaning that the way they are presented will bring you as close as possible to how the real CCIEV5 Lab exam looks like.

There is a new workbook coming out some time at the end of August 2014 (or sooner) depending on TS publishing team which will cover the configuration section of the “NEW” CCIEV5 Lab.

In the real CCIE v5 Lab exam you will be challenged with 20-25 routers under your administrative control , 7-10 switches and around 10 ISP routers which will be all  preconfigured for you and you wont be able to access any of them.

With the new workbook coming out you will get to configure it all and most definitely BGP , MPLS and DMVPN will be our main focus area.



Below screenshot reveals a small section of the new CCIEv5 Configuration Lab

cciev5 config



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11 Responses to CCIEv5 Configuration Lab

  1. shadaab ahmed umair says:

    Hi Tom

    Is your woork book is like actual lab ,i mean it is like real labs please let me know

    • ccie4all says:

      Hello Shadaab,

      In short answer , no. The reason why I joined TS-Data and decided to get involved is because they have a totally different view and ideas of how the CCIE Lab preparation should look like.
      Their workbooks are simply totally different from any other vendor out there.
      Other vendors are good with teaching about technologies but then based on statistics when students get to the real CCIE lab they usually fail what then means that that they need to spend more money on videos , bootcamps etc ….
      Although knowing technologies is a must , students fails because of lack of understanding of how to integrate and combine all of these technologies together the same way you would do in the real world also they way TS-Data formats and presents their workbooks is literally what you will expect in the real CCIE lab , and these the main differences between other vendors workbooks versus TS-Data workbooks.

      Putting a real CCIE lab out there would violate Cisco various procedures and most definitely would have legal consequences.

      Hope this helps!

  2. shadab says:


    But your workbook for TShoot does not contain Gns3 files to practise,is this right

  3. shadab says:

    Hi Tom

    Does your work book contain gns3 files or iou for troubleshooting section,please let me know

    • ccie4all says:

      Hi Shadab,

      Other vendors workbooks DO NOT provide any files or this kind of service to its customers in regards to how to built the topology.
      We however DO explain how to build the CCIEv5 Lab and provide this service in the “CCIEv5 Advanced Workbook First Edition” and then based on how it is all explained in the workbook the same rule applies for all other workbooks and different network scenarios.

      Best Regards

  4. shadab says:


    were can i buy your woorbook,can you provide me link

  5. shadab says:

    Hi David

    need your technical help,how to put vtp password CCIErocks? it is pain in th finger,can you suggest some solution , i have used macro for work around solution.

    • ccie4all says:

      Press and hold Esc+Q key combination for a second the simply put in ? which will appear as a special character and hit enter

      • shadaab ahmed umair says:

        Hi Tom

        Many thanks,why cant you start providing real lab solutions,it will be great,in market still there is no workbook which provide verified solutions,

        I have v5 real lab Q and topology,can you solve all the question with verified solution , if you have time only.

  6. Irwan Suryaatmadja says:

    I bought the CCIE Advanced workbook version 1 about two years ago. Is there any update since then ? thank you.

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