CISCO IOS Firewalls – CCIE R&S Security section

Hi All!

I’ve decided to create another post this weekend.

As for this topology I was not entirely sure whether I should create this post or not because everything in regards to CCIE R&S can be accomplished using the topology  from HERE however as soon as I started going through this lab I realised that it is one of the best I have come across that IPExpert provides and because Scott Morris (5x CCIE) has had his hand in creating it I assumed that some of these questions we might get at the CCIE R&S exam so I thought I’d share it with you.

This lab comes from the IPExpert Volume 1 Workbook and it is numbered LAB34 also in comparison to other IPexpert labs this one has got a completely different network layout so if you’re in possession of IPExpert CCIE workbooks you should recognise this topology :


This is what you need to build in GNS3 to match it using this file : LAB_34_IPEXPERT_NETFILE


and these are initial configs for all devices to start this lab : LAB_34_INITIAL_CONFIGS

These are all 3745 series routers and I simply changed the symbol on some of them !

According to IPExpert it should take around 10 Hours to finish this lab and looking at the topics in it I must agree with them unless of course you know all of these technologies perfectly then simply move to something else.


The point is I do highly recommend this one if you want to be fully prepared for your lab and real life networking hassles.

Enjoy !



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6 Responses to CISCO IOS Firewalls – CCIE R&S Security section

  1. Paul says:

    Great job !!! Just what I was looking for 😉 I will configure it and I will give you feedback on this.
    Tks a lot .

    • ccie4all says:

      Massive thank you Paul !

      Great! As I was building this lab use IPExpert topology I had to make some changes to the configuration, vlans , ports etc … so when you build it in GNS3 and then paste provided configs in you should have reachability across the whole network so in case something’s not right it be great if you could let me know so I can amend and repost!

      One of the best lab I’ve come across , pretty intense 🙂


  2. Solomon says:

    Hi Tom,
    Please direct me where to get the .net file for the CCIE Security topology on your site…


    • ccie4all says:

      Hello Solomon,

      Certainly , the net file is located below the last CCIE Sec topology from Netmetric. There you should be able to find
      GNS3 NET FILE : NET FILE – use to build you lab in GNS3
      VLANS : VLANS – vlans required for all ccie sec labs, they’re to be copy and paste into every switch

      Hope this helps!


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