Hello Laurent , Multicast is the last section I need to master before the Lab exam and so far you’ve done the best job explaining this technology !


I would like to share some basic Multicast examples. As this topic is quite wide I will make different posts. This first post will talk about PIM Dense Mode. The next post will cover topics such as PIM Sparse Mode, Auto-RP and PIM BSR.

 Let´s consider the following topology:

Source: The multicast source will be sending to multicast group which is part of the administratively scoped addresses assigned by IANA which is for use in private multicast domains, much like the IP unicast range defined in RFC 1918.

IGP: The IGP used is EIGRP

Platform/IOS: Cisco 2691/12.4(15)T11 Adv IP services

 Let ´s start with Dense Mode. PIM Dense Mode is based on the “push” or “implicit join” model where Multicast traffic is flooded throughout the entire multicast domain without the receivers needing to join the specific multicast group being flooded. So PIM Dense Mode is not really scalable…

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