EIGRP Unequal LoadBalancing and Path Control

EIGRP Unequal LoadBalancing and Path Control

Hi All,

I have been Cisco reading and doing labs all weekend and still have about 6hrs before I decide it’s time to stop!

This afternoon I have found this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErUzMl0a-E8&feature=relmfu made by Mohammad Said and I must tell you that this is the best resource I have ever been able to find which explains exactly how EIGRP calculates its metric and decides which way to route packets.  I have seen and practised many EIGRP labs but without any doubt this one is my favourite !

For the past 3 hrs I have been drawing and carefully looking into EIGRP metric calculation , successors , feasible successors , advertise distance and feasible distance based on Mohammad’s video and finally it’s all clear !

After you’ve watched and understood Mohammad’s video , there is no way Cisco can trick you on your R&S lab exam , well they still can and probably will 🙂 but not with EIGRP metrics 🙂

GNS3 net file : EIGRP Unequal LoadBalancing and Path Control



Enjoy !





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