Conditional default advertisement based on two routes

RIP can be configure to advertise a default route on the basis of two routes being present in the routing table. If either of these routes isn’t in the table the default is withdrawn.


1) Create tracks to track the existence of the 2 routes in the routing table.

R4(config)#track 1 ip route reachability R4(config)#track 2 ip route reachability

2) Create a boolean track to tie the 2 tracks together. Here I’m using “and” but can use “or” and “not” on the objects in the list.

R4(config)#track 3 list boolean and R4(config-track)#object 1 R4(config-track)#object 2 R4(config-track)# *Mar  1 00:38:55.867: %TRACKING-5-STATE: 3 list boolean and Down->Up

3) Create a static route with the track tied to it. This route is to null0 and doesn’t provide any reachability, it just allow for us to match it later on.

R4(config)#ip route null0 track 3

4) Create a prefix-list to match the route above

R4(config)#ip prefix-list Track3 permit

5) Create a route-map that matches the null0 route using the prefix list

R4(config)#route-map Default-ADV permit 10 R4(config-route-map)#match ip add prefix-list  Track3

6) Use the Route-map in the default-information originate under the RIP process

R4(config)#router rip R4(config-router)#default-information originate route-map Default-ADV

Now a default route should be visible to the other routers

Note: by using set interface in the route-map you can control the interface(s) the default will be sent from.


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